Electric utilities frequently have trouble with lightning strikes to their T&D lines and substations. Static and guard wires commonly in use work poorly. Studies indicate very little difference between protected and unprotected lines. Substations use lightning masts or other lightning rod-type devices for protection. LEC's Dissipation Array System protects lines from direct strikes. Hybrid DAS systems can be applied at reduced cost as well. Our Surge Interceptor provides series-hybrid protection to incoming transients on the power conductors.


Towers are especially vulnerable to lightning. LEC's Dissipation Array System has been refined for communications applications. No strikes occur to the tower, and all secondary effects -- electromagnetic pulses, atmospheric transients, and earth current transients -- are eliminated. All attached systems perform smoothly in a stable environment, while MTBF is maximized for all your equipment. Custom configurations are available for all types or towers. From major telephone companies in Japan to cable news networks in the U.S., LEC means protection for critical communication applications.

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