Millions of dollars of petrochemical products and facilities are destroyed annually when they ignite or explode due to lightning. There are two major causes of lightning-related flammables fires -- direct strikes and secondary effects, like bound charges/secondary arcs. LEC's Dissipation Array System prevents direct strikes and eliminates the potential for any secondary effects, providing the only proven method of protection for flammables. Well over 500 tanks in lightning-active areas have been protected using LEC's charge dissipation technology without any subsequent lightning-initiated fires.


LEC provides lightning prevention for processing facilities around the world, including oil refineries, paper mills and nuclear materials processing plants. LEC systems designed for these high-tech facilities are custom-engineered to completely prevent lightning strikes to the protected areas and to eliminate strong secondary effects from electromagnetic pulses, atmospheric transients, and earth current transients. All attached systems perform smoothly in a stable environment while MTBF is maximized for all your equipment.

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